The Minimal Melancholia

Metaphoric souls beyond the lens

Gabriel Isak’s art entails surreal and melancholic scenes where he invites the viewer to interact with the inner world of solitary figures that symbolize our own unconscious states. He uses photography as a medium to draw and paint surreal images, minimal and graphic in its aesthetic, rich in symbolism and emotion, focusing on themes inspired by human psychology, dreams and romanticism, as well as his own experiences, especially the years he went through depression. Isak’s work is a serene and melancholic meditation that stills the chaos of life and transforms into an introspective journey that questions the depths of existence. The objective of Gabriel Isak’s art is to shine a light on the experiences of being and the states of mind those brings along. His subjects are anonymous with the slightest glimmerings of consciousness, imprisoned in monochromatic settings, so the viewer can envision oneself as the subject, reflecting back on one’s own experiences and journey in life.

Swedish photographer creates images full of enigmatic symbolism and immersed in an enchanted environment with dark tones. His surreal images characterized by darkness and melancholic atmospheres. The cold tones of the water and the suggestion of minimalism symbolize his dark romanticism. The solitary figures populate a desolate nature between shades of grey and ice. The faces hidden by the hair, by thin curtains, shy and mysterious, tell of vulnerable moments.He creates his own imaginative visuals on moments of intimacy that built on the misunderstanding.