Revived Emotions

The colors that evoke past memories

California-based artist Heather Day makes abstract paintings of scraped, smeared, and flooded pools of pigment. The compulsive energy of her work oscillates between rehearsed abandon and careful restraint. Her encompassing murals, large canvases, and intimate drawings study the mechanisms of sensory perception — mining what happens when the body interprets a sound as a texture or a scent as a colour.

Mixing warm and cold colors within layers allow the viewer to get into an inexperienced moment. She works on many paintings at the same time, ranging from large-scale canvases to small paper drawings. Beside her primary tool which is imagination, she works with her thoughts, moods, and phases through paint, pastels, charcoal, spray paint, and graphite.

When you look at Day’s art, you can quickly notice a bouquet of colours and shapes pieced together. Still, when you look closer, you can realise the greatness in composition, forms, strokes, and all lines serve a purpose, and it all falls together effortlessly.