Reinvention of the Soul 

Reinvention of the Soul’ photographed by Josh Faux and edited by Lola Dupre. With the portraits of Faux, the series of artworks formed with the new approach to collage technique by Dupre. The unique visual intention of Dupre created completely new perspectives and stories of each individual photographs. Unproportioned and unreal but aesthetic looking collages of faces mesmerizing the viewers. By cropping, rearranging and joining the images, Dupre reshapes the pictures to create a new meaning to the original image. She plays with various types of expressions by moving the facial features around to create creepy and extraordinary looking person. The artworks carry the essence of cubic depictions. With the help of simple tools, she makes the portraits as realistic as possible by taking the original photo and displacing the area of the eye.

Photographer: Josh Faux 
Collage Illustration: Lola Dupre 
Creative direction and Model: Sade English 
Mua: Luke Harris 
Assistant: Ebere Anosike 
Garments: Sade English Skin Collection 
Photo retouching: Alina Kovban