Nothing Is Separate

“Nothing Is Separate: A Collaboration With Nature” 

Ellen Rutt is a multi-disciplinary artist with expressive visual identity and has showcased an experimental multi-media installation called ‘Nothing Is Separate: A Collaboration With Nature’. 

The salient colours in shape of audacious forms of Rutt’s revive in patterns on rugs and over the walls. In her latest work, ‘Nothing Is Separate: A Collaboration with Nature’, these forms take a more three-dimensional form. Created as a part of Temple Children’s Artist Residency in Hilo, Hawaii, with creating internal compositions of coloured, repurposed wood shapes and costumes at several of the island’s magnificent, diverse and isolated territories, Rutt explores the complex relationship humans have with both natural and constructed environments. The bright colours and familiar shapes demonstrate mankind’s fascination to aesthetics and modes of idealized presentation.