Land of Gods IAMISIGO SS21

“Land of gods”, Inspired by Yoruba and Edo Mythology, are both complex but so similar. This collection continues the scope into examining and understanding us beyond being human beings through the idea of divinity. Human creates and destroy. Are we Gods or descendants of Gods which we can study in everyday life? The spirit of human individuality is visual, verbal and musical rather than written. Like a spirit, it can’t stay still; it’s constantly in motion.

Three fundamental colours used in this collection, red identifies blood, fire, provocation, sacrifice and violence, black demonstrates shame and white, which signifies joy and purity; these are the colours of the vital spiritual energy.  This collection’s patterns are conveyed, linking our craft experiences to the meaning of proper dressmaking as a gesture of prayer, a vehicle of communication with the spirit world.

Pieces were made in infinite layered sheer recycled polyester ruffles as a sign of abundance and mastery in the spirit world. They are highlighting important symbols in life, which is translating into many ways, such as the transmission of messages to and from the spirit world and the division of earthly and spiritual realms.

These pieces are terrains of soul, never finished, a language for the body beyond conscious understanding, like a mnemonic device that reminds us. The details of the garments created with artisans in Lagos, Osun, Edo and Kano states in Nigeria.

IAMISIGO collaborated with Nigerian shoe designer, Kkerele to create the shoe collection made from patent cow leather,

  • Creative Direction: Bubu Ogisi
  • Photography: Chris Okoigun
  • Model: Adejoke Adesope