Flowing Water, Standing Time

Robotic clothing reacting to the chromatic spectrum

Imagine robotic dresses react to their surroundings. Ying Gao, designed robotic dresses integrating fibrous panels that consist of out of silicone, glass and organza, and added electronic devices to create every-changing dynamic pieces that react to its surrounding chromatic spectrum.

The collection was inspired by neurologist Oliver Sacks’ novel, The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, in which he relates the story of Jimmie G, a 49-year-old former sailor convinced of being aged 19 since having left the Navy.

Shocked by his own reflection when Sacks hands him a mirror, Jimmie reverts to his 19-year-old self as soon as his gaze leaves the reflective surface. Having lost any sense of temporal continuity, Jimmie lives as a prisoner to this single, perpetual moment, oscillating between a presence to the world and a presence to self.

The garments capture the core of movement and stability over time with using color and light sensors, as well as tiny cameras and collect information about their environment. This data activates a series of magnets which attached with silicone for to move the fabric. The collection shows natural progression of her behavioral studies in autonomous garments.