Exploring Femininity

3cm Lin or her full name Yung Cheng Lin’s images are the photographic landscape that surrounded by empathy.

3cm Lin

It’s a widely-told tale or a story that it takes a great amount of curiosity about conscience. Yung Cheng Lin, generally known as 3cm, is a Taiwanese conceptual photographer who puts this concept behind his portraits of women, femininity, and women’s bodies: “The main appeal is to discuss the morality issue especially in women…” The general discourse of the images shown how women classified and limited by the structure of the mankind. Cheng Lin’s photography creates new setup on emotions and provokes a reaction in its audience often tremor of the heart. Some of the photographs are really breath-taking by distorting the human body or by forcing an uncomfortable perspective. Many of photographs are full of narrative influence and rely on subtlety to tell their stories.

Flicker: www.flickr.com/photos/3cm

Instagram: www.instagram.com/3cm_lin