A Creative Journey of Female Sensuality

“I wanted to create an online platform that grabs people’s attention but also gives them something in return.” – Marius Sperlich

Imagine a photographer who wants to tell a story with one image. Marius Sperlich, a photographer, born in Reinbek, Germany, has built a platform emphasizing current issues on the social media platform. He is demonstrating his artistic journey with sensual close-ups, on the NSFW’s boundary, on the female body, particularly on the face and lips. He uses the human figure as a canvas to style tiny props that tell a larger story. His photographs entirely centred on a small portion of the female’s face, white teeth, wet tongues, fleshy lips which create great sensual shots. Besides social media facts and issues like censorship and validation, Marius Sperlich wanted to address current global problems like climate change, mental health and more.